Copying files from BackTrack to flash drive

I have had a number of questions from rookie Linux users as to how to copy files from BackTrack to a USB flash drive so here it is.

  1. Create a mounting point directory under the /mnt folder using the mkdir command such as “mkdir /mnt/usbflash”.
  2. Mount the usb flash drive to this mount point using the mount command such as “mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usbflash”.
  3. Copy files using the cp command such as “cp /pentests/exploits/framework3/output.exe /mnt/usbflash/output.exe”.
  4. Unmount the usb drive using the umount command such as “umount /mnt/usbflash”.

The key with this is knowing what device the Linux distribution you are working with will designate your usb flash drive as. In the case of this example it was /dev/sdb1. You can use the mount command with no options to show a listing of devices.

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